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about us

Occasionally we get inquiries wondering if we donate any of our profits to charity. Our answer is, we are a "For Profit" company, but we do give to local charities and non-profits. 

Most of the inquiries are about the pink Breast Cancer Bracelets we sell. The reason we chose to sell the breast cancer bracelets is due to my Mom being a breast cancer survivor. She's in a nursing home and has had to "spend down" her assets and go on Medicaid.

Anyone with an elderly parent (or possibly grand parent) on Medicaid understands the ordeal that you must go through to qualify. She gets to keep about a thousand dollars of her entire life savings—the rest goes to the nursing home. She also gets to keep $30 per month as an "allowance." However, the monthly expenses are obviously more than $30.

Being an only child, the responsibility falls to me to help her financially each and every month. Of course, it is not only out of duty that I help her, but out of the love I have for her, as well. The photo below shows her and our four girls at the nursing home.

Christmas '04 - Granny (Breast Cancer Survivor), The Girls & Santa


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